The Center has a major focus on publications to contribute to scholarly debate on East Asian politics, security, economy and society and Bangladesh’s relations with this region. The Center believes that publications shape the basis of knowledge and information resources for analyzing current trends and future directions of policies and research. The Center has planned to publish newsletter, journals, research reports, monographs/working papers and books phase by phase. The Center publishes newsletter, monograph and research reports. The center will soon publish journal and books.


A. Biannual Publication

East Asia in Focus

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B. Occasional Papers



C. Monograph Series

Volume 01: China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and South Asia China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Dr. Delwar Hossain, October 2016


D. Book

Forthcoming book: Bangladesh-East Asia Relations: Changing Scenarios and Evolving Linkages, edited by Dr. Delwar Hossain.

Tentative Chapters:

1. A framework of Understanding of the Relations between Bangladesh and East Asia
2. Historicizing Bangladesh-East Asia Relations
3. Bangladesh-China Relations: Understanding the Geopolitical and Security Interests
4. Bangladesh-China Economic Relations: Opportunities and Challenges
5. Bangladesh-Japan Relations: From Aid Dependence to Development Partnership
6. Bangladesh-Japan Relations: The Security Dimension
7. Bangladesh-South Korea Relations: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities
8. Explaining Economic Linkages between Bangladesh and Taiwan and Hong Kong
9. Bangladesh-Myanmar Relations
10. Competing Interests of China and Japan in Bangladesh?
11. Growing Involvement of China, India and Japan in the Indian Ocean: Implications for Bangladesh
12. BCIM-Economic Corridor and the Dynamics of Sub-regional Cooperation