Collaboration meeting with Japan Foundation and Japanese Embassy

The East Asia Study Center of University of Dhaka has organized a Collaboration Meeting with Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh and the Japan Foundation of New Delhi. The meeting took place in the Conference Room of the East Asia study Centre, Arts Building of the University of Dhaka on 23 April 2018. The meeting was attended by faculty members of different departments of the University of Dhaka and officials of the Japanese Embassy and the Japan Foundation. The Founder and Director of the EASC Professor Dr. Delwar Hossain moderated the meeting.


Faculty members from Department of International Relations and Political Science of the University of Dhaka; Mr. Kaoru Miyamoto, Director General, the Japan Foundation, Ms. Mai Tomari, Second Secretary, Head of Public Relations, Ms. Machiko Yamamura, Second Secretary, Head of Cultural Affairs of Japan Embassy in Bangladesh were present. In this meeting the possibilities of future collaboration with the Japan Foundation and the Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh, were discussed widely.



Participants exchanged their views and opinions regarding Japan’s affiliation to Bangladesh. From the Center it has said that People in Bangladesh know less about East Asian countries due to lack of research, orientation and resources. The East Asia Study Centre works to develop resources for the academicians and the students so that both groups can learn about the culture, society and values of East Asian countries. Currently the center is concentrating to arrange conference on the initiative of BIG-B (The Bay of Bengal Industrial Growth Belt). The delegation also showed their interest in research activity and resources development works.

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